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CAPCA Projects

Creative Approaches to Practical Community Advocacy

From April through July of 2024, Fionnathan Productions, along with a team of co-designers and co-facilitators, ran the first ever CAPCA course for participants accross Ireland with Down syndrome. Each created their own Community Project.

Click on their pictures below to learn more.


Our Story

We believe that people with Down syndrome have important contributions to make in society, but that they are often blocked from sharing their gifts.

We aim to change that, by providing an education into what Citizenship entails, and to give opportunities to experience Community Leadership.


Below are images of the members of the first CAPCA co-hort.

If you click on the images, you will learn about the project they have co-created and will be co-leading. There may even be a list of the types of help they have recognised they will need to make their dream a reality

- perhaps you have the missing skills, interests or connections, and would be interested in helping. 

Meet The Team

more details coming soon

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